To own a Land Rover today is an expression of a very personal philosophy of life. Built up over 50 years, the legend of the Defender is as solid as the vehicle itself. Even if it's technique has always been developed further in the past years, the car never became unfaithful to it's tradition and it's image. 1998, we bought a brand new Land Rover Defender 110 HCPU (High Capacity Pick Up), because the Globetrotter-Virus had infected us once again. We decided to let come true an old dream of ourselves; travelling on our own four wheels - a little bit more comfortably than during our Panamericana-Trip - mainly following landways from our home down to South Africa. We finally started our trip in January 2000. You will find more detailed information on our Globetrotter-Pages.
Therefore we were looking for a tough, reliable car with a proven 4wheel drive and a guarantee for getting spare parts in almost every country we would visit - and we found it in the Land Rover Defender. The very special flair of this British traditional vehicle only captivated us afterwards. The camping unit shown on the picture below was designed as a unique specimen following our own instructions and was tailored to suit the specific needs of our trip and our Land Rover. It can easily be lifted off the car and put inside a sea container. It is equiped with high tech and therefore allowed us almost absolut autarky during the whole trip.